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Poker in the Poker Room

A room is filled with people sat round tables, a deck of cards in hand, busy as they place their wagers. Soon after, the sound of chips starts to rustle as they are clutched by the victor who claims his prize. This is one of the few goings-on in a Poker Room.

A poker room is typically known as a card room, which is a gambling establishment that only lends itself as a venue for public card game activities. Many variations of poker games like Texas hold 'em, for instance, are being played here. These rooms do not have slot machine services, nor do they have video poker available. They vary from venues like casinos, wherein various other table games like craps are also offered; although a casino will offer the availability of a card room or poker room as a means to refer to the service they have which involves a separate room situated within the casino that does have card games wherein the players usually compete among one another and not against the house.

Because the games that are played in these poker rooms are most often times, players against players instead of against the house, the operators of such poker rooms will get their revenues in either of two ways. The first way, a dealer of every game who is generally employed by the owners of the poker room or establishment, will be collecting what we would term as a rake, meaning a portion of a pot from every hand. The second way would involve the dealer making a charge against every player for time, which is typically for every thirty minutes, or a certain amount of time not far off from that.

The three most popular games offered or are available in poker rooms are traditional poker games which would include Omaha hold 'em, Texas hold 'em, and last but not the least, seven card stud. Although there are some poker rooms that would provide services to their clients that would involve the availability of games like Chinese poker or pai gow, and certain variants of the game of Black Jack.

A lot of these independent poker rooms can be found in cities like California, and in some Indian reservation camps. It is a thriving business! There could be about one hundred licensed poker rooms in the California area alone! Some will contain only a few tables, while the larger and popular ones can have four or five times as much tables, like those found in the city of Las Vegas. In cities like New York, one may be able to find also the presence of illegal poker rooms, having only two rooms with about ten tables.