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The Ranking of Bragg Hands

There are several variations of Bragg and there is one popular variation that is worth understanding. Just like any other card game, Bragg has its own set of rules and ranking of hands.

First is the prial, were a player has 3 hand of the same rank or number. The highest is a prial of 3's, second highest is a prial of aces, and a prial of 2's is the lowest. The probability of getting this hand is 0.24 percent.

A running flush is when a player gets 3 cards with the same suit in a sequence. In Bragg, an ace, 2, 3 is the highest combination compared to poker. The probability of getting a running flush is 0.22 percent.

The next hand is a run, were a player gets 3 cards of different suit but are in a sequence. The highest rank is a combination of an ace, 2, 3 followed by an ace, king, and queen. The lowest rank has a 4, 3, and 2. The probability of being dealt a run is 3.26 percent.

A flush is were a player gets 3 cards of the same suite but are not in a sequence. There are literally many combinations for a flush, so the probability for a deal is 4.96 percent.

A pair occurs when a player has a pair of cards of the same rank with one spare card. There are about ninety percent of hands that are no higher than a pair. More than 3000 possible combinations can be made and the probability of getting this hand is 16.94 percent.

A high card is when a player has no combination but basically has one high card. The highest rank is the ace and the lowest is a 2. There are around 16000 possible combinations and the probability of getting this hand is 74.39 percent.

Bragg as a game has a high degree of difficulty in getting a good hand. For those players who are used to bluffing, this is the perfect game for them. Bragg is usually played in social clubs and card schools. It's a descendant of poker which is far more popular than this game.

Though some may find that bragg is not predominant in casinos, the game is popular in other venues such as the ones mentioned above. Though some players of today may not appreciate the game, learning the basic hands and their ranking could peak a player's curiosity.